American Institute of Inspectors Standards of Practice


The American Institute of Inspectors, Inc., or A.I.I., is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT ASSOCIATION of individuals who themselves perform inspections of residential, industrial, and commercial properties, prepare written reports on their condition and who have met the requirements for membership as determined by the Board of Directors.

This association was formed in order:

TO bring professionalism to the home inspector.
TO promote excellence within the Home Inspection profession and to improve industry standards through the A.I.I. philosophy of business as set forth in the A.I.I. Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and related standards.
TO provide members and other professionals with a forum in which to enhance their background, education and experience through education, exchange of ideas, and other related benefits that can be provided best by this association of professionals.
TO interact with related professions, the legal community and government bodies as a recognized authority in the home, commercial, industrial and building inspection profession.

The Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics are the minimum mandatory standards to which a member shall be held in order to maintain membership in the association.

[Standards as used in this text shall mean Standards of Practice]

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