Purpose and Scope

American Institute of Inspectors Standards of Practice


2.1 The inspector SHALL:

Observe installed systems and components listed in these Standards.

Submit a written report to the client, which shall:

  1. Provide a summation of a limited visual inspection of the readily accessible and observable systems and components of a property.
  2. Identify only observable components specified in these Standards and exclude all systems/components that are not accessible, are turned off, or are not functional (for any reason) and why said item could not be observed.
  3. State the observed general condition(s) of the readily accessible systems and components as is more fully set forth and listed within these Standards. Statements of condition shall note any observable condition that may affect the function or operation of any system or component as set forth in the Standards.
  4. Identify observable hazards of systems and conditions as set forth in the Standards.
  5. Include the inspection of detached buildings located on the property when the detached buildings are listed as part of the property to be inspected, and the client requests the inspection for an additional fee and agreement between the inspector and client.

These Standards are NOT intended to limit the inspector from:

  1. Reporting observations and conditions in addition to those required
  2. Providing any additional inspection services. Additional inspection services may be provided based on the experience, qualification, certification and/or licensing for such services that have been obtained by individual inspectors or inspection companies. These inspections are performed under specific agreement and contracted separately between the Inspector and/or Inspection Company and the client, with separate fee structures.
  3. Excluding various installed systems or components and any other services from the inspection if requested by the client or dictated by other circumstances. The inspection agreement will govern the conditions to be inspected and said contract/agreement will supercede the Standards by contract.

2.2 These Standards are intended to provide guidelines under which Real Estate property inspections shall be conducted. Style or aesthetics shall not be considered in the evaluation or conclusions of conditions noted. The inspection reports may contain recommendations for further evaluation by licensed professionals for specific conditions depending on the conditions found.

2.3 These Standards are A.I.I. standards and may be superseded by individual State requirements. Inspectors should insure that they comply with their State standards and/or requirements.

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