System: Central Air Conditioning

American Institute of Inspectors Standards of Practice


11.1 The inspector SHALL observe and report on:

  • Central air conditioning including cooling and air handling equipment and normal operating controls.
  • Distribution systems including ducts, registers, air filters, fans, pumps and piping, with associated supports, insulation, and fan-coil units if different than heating system.
  • The presence of an installed cooling source in each room.

11.2 The inspector SHALL:

  • Identify energy sources.
  • Identify cooling equipment type.
  • Report on condensate drains where visible and accessible.
  • Operate the systems using normal operating controls.
  • Open readily accessible and unsecured access panels provided by the manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance.

11.3 The inspector is NOT required to:

  • Examine or report on cooling systems when weather conditions or other circumstances may cause equipment damage.
  • Examine or report on: non-central air conditioners; gas fired, solar or geothermal cooling system; food, wine or similar storage cooling systems. Permanently installed wall air conditioning units may be reported on by using normal operating controls.
  • Report on the uniformity or adequacy of cold air supply to the various rooms.
  • Examine or report on any humidity control systems or components.

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