System: Fireplaces, Chimneys and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

American Institute of Inspectors Standards of Practice


14.1 The Inspector shall inspect and report on:

  • The condition of the visible areas of the chimneys, flues, dampers and associated system components.
  • The condition of the visible areas of the fireboxes, hearth extensions, mantles fireplace surrounds and permanently installed screens and/or glass doors.
  • The manufactured solid-fuel or gas-burning appliance installation.
  • Presence or absence of any seals or gaskets to glass doors.

14.2 The Inspector is NOT required to:

  • Inspect the interiors of flues, chimneys or fireplace insert flue connection beyond visible areas.
  • Inspect the automatic fuel feed devices.
  • Inspect the combustion make-up devices.
  • Ignite or extinguish fires.
  • Determine draft characteristics.
  • Move fireplace inserts or stoves or firebox contents.
  • Determine structural integrity of fireplaces or chimneys.

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